Know the essential steps that can be undertaken to increase the longevity of the roof that you plan to install.

Is there a need to replace the roof at your home? This is a step that you cannot ignore and if the lifespan of your current roof has expired, it is risky to stay under it. There will be a need to replace the roof of your home instantly. As you are planning a roof replacement, one can feel that it is a capital-intensive project. It is also the job of a professional and you need to call over the roofing contractors in San Jose for the execution. You can seek our services for your roof replacement and we will also discuss ways to enhance the longevity of the new roof.

We would like to introduce ourselves as Greenman Roofing and offer conclusive roofing solutions to the community in San Jose. We will surely conduct your roof replacement, but let us discuss in this blog post certain things that can be done to optimize the lifespan of this current roof. Here are the details for readers.

The roofing materials can make a difference

The material composition can be a factor as you are thinking about optimizing the lifespan of your roof. Most homeowners use asphalt material for roofing and that is because it is within their means. Moreover, this form of roofing does not require any significant maintenance costs. However, these roofs last for about two decades. There are other roofing options, which can last for a longer span. Wood-based roofs can last for three decades and steel or copper roofs can last for a life span. Even clay tile roofs can last for about 60 years if you give proper care. This is the first factor to note as you are selecting a roofing material with an eye on the lifespan factor.

The installation is important

The first stage of a roof replacement is about removing the older structure and that is the easier part. However, there is a need to do a professional installation of the new roof and this can be the make or break factor. A great installation can increase the lifespan of the roof while a bad installation will decrease it. Every bit of roofing material requires some unique installation from a contractor and this is just the reason for you to book the best roofing installers in town. One might have to face sagging problems if the installation of the new roof has not been done properly. Once you book our services, we will do a professional installation of the roof at your home.

The weather conditions 

The specific weather conditions in your area can also impact the longevity of the roof and there is perhaps not much you can do here. If you live in an area of extreme weather conditions, we can apply an extra coating that can act as a protective barrier for the roof. This should help to enhance the longevity of the roof.

The role of a roofer does not end after a replacement

It will be a mistake if you disconnect with the roofer after the replacement is over. A roofing company offers a broad category of services ranging from inspections & repairs. In case there have been hailstorms in your area one can always ask them to come over for the inspections & repairs. This way you can enhance the longevity of the roof that you have recently installed


Here we have discussed in detail everything you can do to enhance the lifespan of the roof that you are on the verge of installing. There are more factors and the pitch of the roof can also impact longevity. It is at the point of installation you can discuss these aspects with the professional and plan it. If you want we will install your roof and adhere to these guidelines. We will do everything possible to enhance the lifespan of the structure.