In San Jose, roof repair services can be performed by our skilled professionals who are able to repair severely damaged or aging roofs with modern technology. Typically, roof repairs are needed due to aging, defective materials, and storm damage.

Are you looking for a reliable roofing contractor for repairs in San Jose? Greenman Roofing can help you. We have been providing excellent roof repairing services to homeowners for decades, repairing damage caused by extreme weather conditions like wind storms, hail, ice rain, and snow. Even simple wear & tear can cause severe damages over time. We are proud of our accomplishments and will be happy to share more with anyone who is interested in learning more about us. If you need any kind of repair in your home, contact us because we provide quality workmanship at a fair price.

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A roof’s deterioration is caused by exposure to the elements over time. Roofing materials are weakened by strong winds, intense heat, and heavy rains. In other words, repairs or replacements may be necessary at some point with these materials. As soon as you discover a roofing issue, you ought to act quickly to repair the damage and protect your home from these weather conditions.

Beware, however, as inexperienced contractors can make the problem worse, causing bigger problems down the line that are much more costly to fix. The following roofing mistakes should be avoided by every homeowner in order to keep their home protected and in good condition:


Mismatched shingles are more challenging than you think. When repairing your roof, you don’t want the shingles to look mismatched, making your roof look unkempt. There will be a patchwork quilt for everyone to see and discuss at the next BBQ. In the event that you are planning on reselling your home, this would be a definite deal breaker. A hole patched with brand new shingles will stand out even more when weathering discolors the shingles. You can rely on Greenman Roofing to find an exact match for your shingles so your roof will be seamless. You can trust us to assist you in choosing the right roofing materials and shingles that will last for many years.


It is important to use high-quality materials in everything you do. Therefore, the flashing on your roof should be replaced instead of using the old stuff. By failing to do so, your flashing will be distorted, and it will become damaged much faster than new flashing.

Recycling old material may seem like a good idea, but the truth is that it’s not worth the effort. In a few short weeks, your new roof repair will leak, and you’ll wish you’d used a new one instead.


Getting a roof permit ensures that your roof is safe for you and follows local building codes. Most areas require a permit to install a new roof. In some cases, unscrupulous contractors might begin work without obtaining a permit. This could put the project on hold until the permit is obtained. Hiring a professional and licensed roofing contractor will ensure that your roofing project runs smoothly.


A drip edge is a piece of aluminum installed on the edge of a roof. Their job is to redirect water away from the wall of your home and into the eaves. A drip edge prevents water from collecting under your shingles, which can cause damage to your house. Many older houses don’t have a drip edge installed, but it is a requirement in most current building codes. Furthermore, drip edges prevent wind-driven rain from entering your roof.


The most common roofing mistake is to apply your new roofing directly to the wooden deck of your roof. After the existing shingles or tiles have been removed, an underlayment should be applied before adding new materials.

A roofing underlayment adds a water-resistant layer on top of which the rest of your roof can be installed. Moreover, protecting your home and roof with this layer helps you have a longer-lasting roof.


Shingle alignment is one of the easiest ways to identify a poor roofing job. If the shingles don’t have vertical cutouts, or if the joins aren’t parallel, the shingles are misaligned. Visually, this can make your roof look sloppy, but it also poses a problem in terms of coverage and protection. Roofing shingles that are misaligned create cracks and gaps, allowing water to enter your roof, roof deck, and home.


Don’t forget about your attic when putting a new roof on. The last thing you’ll have to worry about is your roof if you don’t consider the attic underneath your roof. If you neglect your attic, you may cause structural failures in your home and compromise its structural integrity. Make sure you inspect your attic before you begin.


When your roof is covered in asphalt shingles, repairing a leak is a simple matter of locating it and sealing it. Water damage is one of the most common problems for roofs. This can slowly degrade your home’s interior and structure. We are highly trained to fix a leaky roof.

A leaky roof can be fixed in the following ways:


The leak will most likely be evident by water stains on the ceiling. There is a possibility of leaks at any point where the shingles meet. Finding roof leaks can be a frustrating task for many.

As water is pulled by gravity it’s best to use a process of elimination first. This may not be such an easy task as water can transfer from one area to another as it runs downward to its ultimate entry point inside your home. That’s why you need a professional roofer to find and fix the leak properly.


Over time, the cumulative effects of sunlight, moisture and changes in temperature can cause roofing shingles to curl or cup. It may be time to replace your roof when the shingles start shrinking up and curling as they approach the end of their useful life.

This can, however, also be the result of improperly installed shingles. It appears that there are ventilation issues where trapped moisture has curled the shingles. A phenomenon known as thermal shock is one of the main reasons for shingles curling. You can put your trust in our technically sound experts for all of your these types of problems.


Greenman Roofing can easily be repaired if there are small holes in the flashing. Pinholes should be filled with roofing cement, and larger holes should be patched with the same material as the flashing.

Before we clean the hole, we roughen the area around it with a wire brush or sandpaper. Cut the patch larger than the hole, affix it with roofing cement, and then cover it with more roofing cement, as shown at right.


Using a tarp to repair a roof leak in San Jose is a simple and quick solution. Now that you’ve located the point where water is entering the roof, we can cover it with a tarp.

By keeping moisture out of the affected area, a tarp protects the area. We’ll want to ensure that the tarp is draped over the point of your roof in order to achieve the best results. As a result, water will not be able to run under the tarp.


Greenman Roofing can repair roof leaks using roofing cement to patch cracks, patch holes, and make other repairs. Roofing cement can also be purchased from a hardware store or online. Using this technique is most effective on a dry roof.

Roof cement is an easy material to apply. The only thing we need to do is remove debris from the hole or crack, and then fill it with roofing cement. In lieu of cement, our roofers prefer using roofing mesh to keep it secure.


If you need to repair shingles on your roof but don’t have extra supplies lying around, we can create a temporary shingle from sheet metal or sheeting. Using sheet metal cut to the same size and shape as a shingle, we can repair it like an ordinary shingle.


Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair Fixing crinkled and cupped shingles
Wooden Roof Repair Detection and repair of rotten wood
Metal Roof Repair Bringing the strength of the original back
Slate Roof Repair Replacing the old slates and framework
Flat Roof Repair The repair of concrete roof surfaces
Tile Roof Repair Fading or discolored tiles require special attention
TPO Roof Repair Evaluating and repairing TPO membranes and sheets
Cool Roof Repair Checks and repairs for cool roofs


When you need a roof repaired, it’s important to find someone with the right qualifications. Greenman Roofing has been the go-to for roof repair in San Jose since we first opened our doors 20 years ago. With many successful jobs behind us and a track record of excellent service, it’s no wonder why people keep coming back when their roofs need fixing. You might think that repairing a roof is simple, but it’s never as easy. At Greenman Roofing, you can find the training and experience you need for this job. We provide excellent customer service and quality workmanship for every project. Roofing projects can be dangerous and costly to fix if you do them incorrectly, so don’t try this at home.

For roofing projects that you want done right, Greenman Roofing is the best choice. Also, we have all kinds of safety gear such as hardhats and masks that we need when working on roofs in order to prevent accidents, because we don’t have the required experience and skill sets. Greenman Roofing is committed to providing homeowners with high-quality roofs that will last for decades. We understand how important this investment in your home or business can be, which is why we make sure all our customers enjoy warranties against leaks and defects at no extra cost.


Almost anything can be repaired by a roof. There are many types of roof repairs available, including asphalt shingle repair, tile roof repair, flat roof repair, metal roof repair, slate roof repair, and others. A roof repair professional can effectively repair any type of roof damage.

Of course, you can fix half of your roof.
Everybody wants to save money, so repairing half your roof might seem like a good idea.

Mostly, Greenman Roofing should repair your roof at least twice a year. Identifying and resolving any issue as soon as possible is key to preventing further damage. A leak can occur if there are fractures or perforations.

The following methods can be used to repair a roof quickly:

  • You can stop the leak with a tarp.
  • Roofing cement can be used to patch a roof or flashing.
  • Use silicone or caulk to stop leaks.
  • Apply a rubber sealant coating to stop the leak.
  • Roof flashing can be temporarily installed over the leaky area.
  • The shingles should be repaired.

Many factors go into the calculation, such as asphalt shingles, metal roofs, styles, colors, designs, textures, and slats. Overall, several factors go into determining the cost of a roof repair. Here are some of them:

  • Qualities of a good roofing service
  • The size of your roof or the area that needs to be repaired
  • The shape and slope of your roofline
  • Types and grades of roofing shingles

There are several factors to consider, such as what caused the leak and the overall condition of the roof. If the leak is caused by a few minor problems with the shingles or flashing, it can be easily repaired in a few hours. Depending on how old and damaged the roof is, a repair might be necessary.

Roofs are an important part of any home.If you notice any signs please contact us right away to schedule a professional assessment before it turns into a major issue for your family. Taking advantage of this service will not only allow us to check if anything needs to be repaired before it becomes a major problem, but it will also allow us to make sure that whatever is repaired lasts long enough so that you will not run into the same issue in the future. To learn more about what we offer at Greenman Roofing or how our services work, visit our website today.

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