Greenman Roofing has been serving San Jose for many years, and we're proud of our commitment to customer service and quality work. An experienced roofing contractor goes beyond simply repairing broken tiles or installing new roofs. As well as provide superior roofing solutions to homeowners in a custom and desired way.

In San Jose, are you looking for a roofer? The roof on your house is a significant investment, and deserves to be protected accordingly. By hiring us, you will ensure not just an excellent job, but also one that lasts for several years to come, as we will provide regular maintenance for it. In addition, a right roofer will help you select the right material and style for your home, and they will be able to provide you with a quality installation. From start to finish, a professional expert ensures high-quality work. Therefore, Greenman Roofing can advise you on how to avoid costly mistakes made during installation that could have been avoided if you had chosen professional assistance from the beginning. Whether your old shingles need to be replaced or new ones installed, we should be able to take care of any leaks left from the previous installation. Additionally to major repairs, you may need small ones such as re-roofing, tear-offs, new underlayment, or anything else related to your roof.


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If you’re looking for an experienced roofer in San Jose, look no further than Greenman Roofing. We provide professional services that will help your home be more comfortable and secure with residential roofs. A workmanship ethic is key when it comes to installing new shingle materials over entire houses; we use only quality materials so all jobs are done efficiently every time without any hassle on behalf of the customer at hand. Using modern technology, which reduces waste time during projects while maximizing productivity. Moreover, we offer roof replacement, inspection, and repair, as well as solar panel installation. Besides evaluating the current condition of your home, we’ll provide you with detailed written quotes on all services available to you in order to ensure the stability of the house as well. Definitely, our customers always receive an accurate estimate for their home’s roofing needs, which will be delivered by a professional who goes above-and-beyond in service.

Roof Repair is not just about fixing leaks but also upgrading your roof to make it durable for years. Your home's most valuable asset. It's also one area where you can save money on costly repairs when treated right. It involves repairing the shingles, flashings and underlayment while ensuring that you have a leak-proof wooden frame as well. But, storms and hail cause the most damage to roof tiles as they can damage them and cause them to break. Look out for water stains on roofs because these are signs of potential problems which require attention immediately so they don't cause more damage in time. Hiring a professional roofer with extensive experience in roof repairs is the most reliable way to ensure quality work as well as cost-effectiveness.

Roof replacement services are generally offered to homeowners who have experienced severe damage to their roof. If your roof is broken, you should have it replaced as soon as possible. Ensure that the roofer offers a warranty on roofing replacements in order to obtain the best results. As a homeowner, you need to understand what factors you need to consider before deciding if it is time to replace your roof. A new roof from us uses only premium materials that are perfectly designed to match the existing style. If you need new roof materials, broken tiles, missing shingles or any kind of damage to your current ones can be replaced with brand-new asphalt roofs. Your old tiles might also need a roof replacement at this time; make sure you hire a professional for quality work.

A roof inspection in San Jose is a vital investment for anyone looking to buy or sell property. A home inspector will carefully examine the exterior and interior of the property, checking for any signs of damage and rust. The property must be assessed for any potential safety hazards that could threaten the integrity of the structure. Furthermore, roof inspections in San Jose can be a useful way to identify potential problems that may arise in the future. If you notice any leaks in your home, immediately call an expert who can come out and inspect the problem quickly before it gets worse. Leaks not only affect interior quality, but also the appearance of your home. Roofing inspections are only carried out by our licensed and experienced roofers who are trained and experienced in residential roofing.

Solar power is quickly gaining popularity around the world as an efficient and environmentally friendly way to generate electricity. With the recent rise in the cost of electricity, many people are turning to alternative forms of energy. One such source is solar panels which not only provide clean and renewable power but also help drop your monthly utility bills by using less resources like water or natural gas that go towards heated generating stations. When compared to traditional methods, these advantages make them more appealing. The future of the environment is bright with solar power. That's because unlike fossil fuels, it doesn't pollute the air or water. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this renewable energy source also has serious consequences for our planet. If you want an easy way out while still saving money each month, let us help set up your home installation package today.


When you need roof repair or replacement, it’s important to hire the right professional. For residential projects, we are San Jose’s most trusted contractor. Because of our commitment and dedication towards living up to this reputation as well. As a conscientious roofer who are committed not only to repairing or replacing any type of home’s protective covering but also following up with quality workmanship at every stage throughout each project – from initial estimate through final inspection. Honesty, professionalism and reliability are the cornerstones of our service. We take pride in being able to offer these values through each project- from selecting a roof for your home or building it new from scratch with us. To keep you safe and secure, we provide roof replacement and repair, inspection and solar panel services.

For over 20 years, Greenman Roofing has been delivering customers with the safest, highest-quality roofing services.

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Accordingly, we can discuss the scope of our services, timetable, and methodology in detail based on the responses to these questions.

Roofing costs vary based on the size of the roof, the amount of damage it has experienced, and the type of material it is composed of. As a result, flat metal roofs and cement roofs are more difficult to inspect than shingle roofs and clay-baked tile roofs. Before you begin, check to see that the roof is in excellent functioning shape.

The following information describes our roofing services.

  • Roof repair
  • Roof replacement
  • Roof inspection
  • Solar panel installation
  • New roof installation
  • Maintenance of a wide range of materials and surfaces

High energy bills can be attributed to a multitude of factors in your house, including drafty doors, loose windows, inadequately insulated basements, and a roof that is antiquated and in desperate need of replacement. After all, a new roof is almost certain to save you some energy, but the amount you save may not be enough to justify the cost of a new roof installation.

To make sure that every roofing contract is complete, the following items should be included in the contract:

  • Scope of the Work
  • Duration of the project
  • Services and Materials
  • Warranty
  • Methods for Installation
  • Scheduling of payments
  • Provisions for unforeseeable circumstances.

The replacing a roof after hail damage is often determined by the amount of wear on the roof and the materials required to rebuild it. In general, hail may inflict damage more in the case of massive hail storms that are especially violent.

Unless your property has experienced substantial roof damage or has a sophisticated roof design, it typically takes Greenman Roofing a few days to perform a roof repair or replacement.

When a new roof is installed or an old roof is repaired, it is common for individuals to ask whether they should relocate. A change of location is not required. The majority of the time, a home’s roof must be fixed within a few days of its damage.

When inspecting an asphalt-shingled roof, look for any shingles that are loose, damaged, or cracked. Look for any cracking or blistering in a shingle, since this shows that moisture has made its way into the core of the shingle and caused it to fail. Any shingle that has been damaged should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent leaks and further structural damage.

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    My house was in need of a new roof so I requested an estimate which was free. Jerry came out and did a wonderful job. While he was on the roof he took a video and explained everything in detail as to why certain areas needed to be replaced etc and answered any questions or concerns I may have...

    Phyllis Vazquez


    After a slight scheduling mixup, David's crew came out to fix a leak in our roof. Unlike the other companies who quoted reroofing, Greenman Roofing was the only one who offered an option to repair the patch with a discount if we move forward in the future...

    Rafaela S.


    Greenman Roofing is without a doubt a wonderful company for all you needs around the house. We reached out to them to get an estimate do Roof installation in our house and their sales representative Jerry visited us in no time and was a pleasure to deal with. He was patient and discussed all options with us to the last detail...

    Harry Rodriguez